5 Easy Ways Rewards Refreshes Your Business

21 Oct

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Brands introduce loyalty programs for the purpose of boosting customer retention. But just how effective is it for a business to offer rewards and discounts to their customers? In this article, we would find out 5 ways we benefit by offering rewards to our customers using loyalty programs.


To begin with; What are loyalty cards? 

Why do businesses use them and, 

How do customers benefit from them?


Loyalty Cards, What are they?

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Loyalty cards are printed cards that track how many purchases a customer makes. 

Companies give their loyal customers rewards depending on how many purchases they’ve made, which encourages them to become repeat buyers.


With loyalty cards, all the customer has to do to redeem their rewards is to bring their card with them when they visit your business. This makes it a fantastic, low-effort marketing strategy. Also, discounts, loyalty programs, and rewards make customers feel like they’re getting more for their money, even if it means spending more to get those rewards.


Benefits of Rewarding Customers through Loyalty Programs 

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They Help Boost Retention

Loyal customers already trust your brand, so they’re already more likely to spend more. Loyalty and rewards cards help make sure your customers keep coming back for more! Its a sure way of increasing customer retention levels. 

Increase in Sales

When customers feel positive about a brand, they’re more likely to buy from them. And the use of loyalty cards gives them all the positive feelings! 

Furthermore, they allow you to offer incentives that you know your customers will love, and therefore they’ll fulfill the requirements necessary to receive that reward. For example, a restaurant offering customers a free dessert or meal after every 5th meal order they place or purchase.

Loyalty Programmes are Easy to Run

Once you’ve printed your loyalty cards and gotten your hands on a loyalty card stamp, all that’s left is to offer them out to customers when they’re in your store and it’s definitely going to turn out positive (lol, who doesn’t like being rewarded).

After this, your loyalty program is pretty much self-sufficient. Customers bring their cards back and you stamp them according to your offer – easy, right?


They are Cost-Effective

Printing Loyalty cards and setting up your program is never going to break the bank.

Using our 2sided business card template, you can customize your loyalty cards and, it could cost from #3000 (if you are using the mini business cards) to #5,000 (for standard business card size), for 100 copies of loyalty cards – great, right?


They Give Your Business a Competitive Edge

A customer may be swayed by a competitor’s offering, but if they’ve been working towards building points on your loyalty card, they’ll most likely stay with you. So, starting a loyalty program is a good way of having an edge over your competitors. 

It is pertinent to note that a key benefit of loyalty cards for customers is the feeling that they’re getting a better deal than they might otherwise be getting. 


How Consumers Perceive Rewards, Discounts and Loyalty Programs

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Rewards are things people look forward to. As a matter of fact, they want it! 

Who doesn’t like being rewarded? As long as your offers are desirable to your target audience, loyalty programs are great from a customer perspective. Also, they find it beneficial to buy from a store that offers a program like this.

It is important to give these customers an awesome experience each time they patronize because people are likely to buy again from a place where they have a good experience and will effortlessly pay more for a simple and pleasant service.


Loyalty programs create a win-win for both businesses and consumers

Loyalty cards benefit everyone involved – both the business offering the program and the customers. You’ll be encouraging customers to spend more and more often, and your customers will be getting great deals from a brand they love! To print Loyalty cards to reward your customers, visit www.printivo.com. You’ll get lots of exciting design templates suitable for your brand.  




3 Smart Ways to Use Business Cards In Holiday Seasons

12 Oct
image of a man showing a business card

Standard Business Card












Business cards are a perfect way to promote your business by connecting with clients, other businesses, and potential customers. They are pretty inexpensive. 

Small business owners know that making connections with customers is important. And, a busy holiday season presents better opportunities to communicate with customers through their increased orders.

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Here are three clever ways to use everyday business cards to make your holiday marketing lustre.

1. Business cards as loyalty cards

Design your business card to contain your business information on one side and your loyalty programme information on the other side. Loyalty cards are used to track the number of purchases a customer makes. Meanwhile, companies reward their loyal customers depending on how many purchases they’ve made, which encourages them to become repeat buyers.

Image of a loyalty card

Loyalty Card


2. Business card as tags

To enhance your packaging with high-quality gift or product tag, design a business card with this use in mind, then punch a hole in the card. Add some ribbon or twine to give your presentation a little extra flair. Interesting, right? 

An arrangement of business card/tags



3. Business cards as referral cards

Referrals aid word of mouth marketing, which is essential to increase the customer base of any business. You too can create such a marketing opportunity by designing a business card with a special refer-a-friend discount on one side. Referral cards are simply the best way to expose your business to a greater community of potential clients. Also, a simple referral with an offer looks clean, professional, and will only do your business good.

Business card as a referral card

Business/Referral card

Conclusively, people will hold onto your cards that contain information that is vital, useful or helpful to their everyday lives. And, your cards become versatile when you use the back for something more than just your standard business card. 

Ready to make the most of your new set of business cards this season? Let’s get started!


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The Newest Kind of customized paper bags called Pillow Bags

2 Oct

Over the years, the paper has been the oldest form of flexible packaging material. Paper packaging began with a cardboard box (called carton in this part of the world), which was first produced in England in the 80s and made with corrugated paper. They are brown colored and usually rectangular or square-shaped. 

Innovations in printing on paperboard cartons developed and it became the perfect packaging material for cereal products.

Today, we now have the privilege to sketch ideas and bring them to life with the help of design and print technology. 


Custom pillow boxes are simple package boxes like cardboard boxes but designed to appear like a pillow. They are used in every part of the world and can be used to package any item that can fit into it; be it cosmetics, hair products, mini electronics, drugs, fabrics and lots more. 

In this century, they have become widely used and creatively adopted by businesses to add glitz to their brand and package their products. 


Benefits of using custom pillow boxes

If your pillow boxes are customized, it almost instantly makes them attention grabbers. These benefits are expedient for brand owners desiring to create a positive image of their products;


A Strong Marketing Tool 

Competition in business is increasing every day, that is why it is important to make excellent packaging boxes for your product.

The unique pillow shape of the boxes is enough to catch the eyes. But customization and personalization of the boxes add appeal to it. Adding your logo and brand name on the boxes, makes you do marketing effortlessly. Branded packaging is an effective way to promote your brand. It is a smart way to have more exposure and reach a wider audience. 



Packaging with custom pillow boxes is so easy. Products can be put into and brought out of the box easily. It cuts down on the hassle of tough unpacking and repacking also.

Cheap Production Cost

The cost of making a single custom pillow bag starts at N400, a price which makes it super easy to advertise your brand while presenting your customers with a beautiful product package that is durable and speaks volumes of your brand identity. 

Product Protection

It is relevant to think about ways to reduce product damage, and shipping costs when shipping and delivering items to your customers. These worries wouldn’t be necessary when shipping with pillow boxes.

Ease of use and disposal

Customers appreciate an easy opening experience along with less mess and easy disposal. Pillow boxes are very easy to open, use, re-use and take up very little space when being disposed of. 

Cost Reduction 

Pillow boxes are lightweight and add no additional weight to your shipment, which will save you shipping costs.


There is no doubt that customized pillow boxes have brought about a revolution in the marketing industry. These boxes intrigue customers. Now is the right time to make a packaging change that could improve your marketing game and your customer satisfaction rate. 


If you are interested in changing your branding game with the custom pillow box packaging, visit our website to determine the best size for your product.



Adding Glitz to Your Event With Backdrops

12 Sep

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backdrop banner

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Six Essentials to Know When Selecting an Invitation Card

16 Jul



invitation card


Every special occasion requires a unique invitation card. It not only shows the emotional connection to the invitees but also complements the importance of the event. Amongst other event arrangements, you have to get all the details on the invitation card correct. Anything ambiguous will start a question trivia on the day or before. Some people might not be interested to attend any confusions.

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